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our vision

To become the leading Management Systems and Strategic Business Support provider to Local and International businesses.

Our Mission

To simplify certification and enhance business performance through smart partnership.

Our Values

We are committed to Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy Statement

At EVO Business Solutions Inc., it is our strategic vision to become the leading business support provider for Clients within the domestic and international market seeking to enhance their competitiveness and business performance through smart partnership.

In achieving this vision, it is our commitment to:

  • Providing our Clients with professional, innovative, and consistent strategic business support services including Management Systems Consultation, Training, Auditing, Procurement & Delivery, Janitorial and other Business services through the utilization suitable resources. 
  • Ensuring the provision of a Safe, Occupational Hazard-Free, and Healthy Work Environment to eliminate OH&S Risks and Non-conforming Outputs.
  • Protecting and preserving the environment and community, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitment(s) relevant to our operations.
  • Ensuring that our IMS Objectives are established and implemented at all functions as per this Policy.
  • Building and sustaining an environment that ensures the Engagement and Participation of our Employees and Stakeholders in the IMS where applicable. 
  • Continually improving of our IMS to enhance the quality of our Services and Products, our OH&S, QMS, and EMS Performance.
  • Complying with all applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements relating to our Operations and the OH&S, QMS, and EMS standards.

This Policy will be reviewed Annually and Communicated to our Internal and External Stakeholders via our Clients, Our Employees, and Our Suppliers of EVO Business Solutions Inc.

Our Company

Who We Are


Hemchandra Persaud – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Persaud is an ambitious, vibrant, and professional entrepreneur that is committed to building EVO Business Solutions Inc., as a strategic Guyanese company in supporting our domestic and international clients in advancing their business needs. Mr. Persaud holds a BA Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire and the Level 4 and 5 certifications from the Association of Business Executives – ABE.  Before joining EVO Business Solutions Inc., Mr. Persaud had worked several years with Schlumberger Guyana Inc in several capacities including MI SWACO Drilling Fluids, Supply Chain Etc. This journey has significantly contributed to Mr. Persaud’s ability to understand the growing needs of the Oil & Gas Sector.

Operations Director

Shamar Quintin – Operations Director

Mr. Quintin is an aggressive, young, and intellectual entrepreneur seeking to propel Evo Business Solutions Inc. as a leading service provider to local and international companies that are aiming to expand their products and services domestically and internationally

Mr. Quintin holds an extensive academic portfolio. This includes a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Guyana, a Master’s in Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business, a Master’s in International Relations and World Order from the University of Leicester, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Management from the Texila American University. Cumulative to his robust and growing academic accomplishments, Mr. Quintin has over 7 years of managerial experience working within Quality and Health & Safety within the Massy Group of Companies, Silvie’s Industrial Solutions, and Guysons Oil and Gas Logistics and Services Inc. Mr. Quintin is also a well-recognized Marketing Lecturer at the Nations School of Business Management, where he facilitates several programs at the Association of Business Executive (ABE), Degree, and Master levels from the University of Bedfordshire. These courses include Global Marketing, Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment, International Marketing, Societal and Social Marketing, Principle of Marketing, and Strategic Marketing Management.

These diverse accomplishments continue to significantly contribute to Mr. Quintin’s competence to add robust value to business partners in advancing their business goals to meet their corporate objectives.

Clients Relations Lead

Annuradha Lalloo – Clients Relations Lead

Ms. Lalloo as the voice of EVO Business Solutions Inc., is committed to providing and maintaining a customer-centric environment that exceeds Client’s expectations. Ms. Lalloo is a diverse and result-oriented individual with a robust commitment to identifying new clients, maintaining engagement with existing clients, and more importantly ensuring that client’s concerns are immediately addressed within the company.

Team of Auditors

Our team of auditors combines an expansive pool of competent and experienced members that are trained in multiple Management Systems including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Our auditors have worked directly within the Massy Group of Companies and Private Sectors in aiding companies in the development of their Management Systems. These exposures continue to add significant value in working with other businesses in enhancing their systems and performance.


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1.Maintain focus on business growth
2.Increase in market share and profitability
3.Customer Satisfaction and Retention
4.Development of operational processes for production efficiency
5.Elimination of wastage in activities via repeat work.

6.Development of Staff technical competency
7.Robust documentation in compliance to International Standard
8.International Recognition
9.Compliance with all Legal, Statutory, and Regulatory requirements
10.Continuous improvement in business activities.

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